((Makeup)) Blue Dazzle of the Night

Neutral eye look is usually the most popular makeup to wear. With the coming of 2016, it is one of my many goals to try out and spice up my makeup for the new year! There are many colors a girl can play with, so try as many as you can! Physical beauty only lives so long for a girl, so enjoy and play with the magic of beauty ❤


I am using the same Stila palette which was shared in the previous post- Stila lots of love.

This time, we will be using the following colors:


Do not close your IE/Firefox/Chrome yet,lol. I know it looks complicated but with a little patience, we can do it!

  1. Apply color #1 (wash of color) all over the lids.


2. Use color #2 with a pointy eye shadow brush to press the darker color on the outer corner of your eyes. Color #2 is a matte royal blue. It helps to contour the depth of your eyes.


3. Color #3 – brush it on the opening of your eyes to make them “pop”; the contrast between #2 and #3 also helps to bring out the beauty of matte royal blue.


With the same brush, dab a bit of color #4 (pearly blue with subtle shimmer)on the middle of your lids to create a sparkle with your every blink (wink wink).


4. Apply color #5 (not marked in the palette so you can use any dark color) to lightly brush on your eye folds. Dust it with a light hand so it does not overshadow the beauty of the blue.


5. Use a clean fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the colors evenly by blurring the dividing lines. Stroke with a light hand to avoid muddying up all the colors together- then you will lose the depth and the layers.


6. No eye make-up is complete without the eyeliner (ta-da). I used a liquid eyeliner close to the lash lines. If you want a more dramatic look, you can flick up the ends to make it into a more sultry, cat-eye look for the evening.



Ta-da! Then we are done!




Smokey blue eyes is not hard, is it? It’s graceful and elegant & it will make you a lady to remember for the party ;p



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