((Makeup)) Christmas Eve- a box full of love


How do you like the extravagant box of goodies? This is the Christmas limited edition of Stila makeup palette.

SAM_6363Not Not only does it take care of everyone’s eye shadow needs-> neutral & playful colors, but it also comes 4-color blush on the side.



Engraved in the middle is a travel-size mascara. With one palette, it’s light to bring on travel and make it easier for ladies to transform from a day to night look.


As I am working during the day, my makeup still has to look clean and sophisticated. Wearing a wild smokey eye, though sultry and sexy, may cause some discomfort around the office. (of course, if it’s Halloween, please go wild LOL)


This is my day-look. It’s light and natural.


Colors used:


Step #1- the use marked color #1 and dust all over the lids. It is our wash of color to even out the skin tone of the eye lids.


Go over all the lids with a fluffy brush.

Then use a pointy brush to apply color #2 on the end of your eyes. It’s easier to control the area of darker colors with a pointy brush. Then use a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend out the colors.


Pointy brush to press in #2 on the ends of your eyes. Then use a fluffy brush to blend out the colors.

Use color #3 & 4 around the lash line or your folds.


Use a liquid or pencil eyeliner (either black or brown) to draw in a thin line along the lash line.


Ta-da! We are done! It’s soft, yet still sophisticated and clean.


I also added color #6 on the bottom waterline (use a slanted eye brow brush/eye liner brush for the lash line to minimize irritation).

Ok. After a whole day of work, let’s transform and get ready for our evening date!

Usually after a day’s work, the colors already look muddy or greasy for oily/combo skin types (ie. me lol). Use loose powder over the lids to get rid of the excess oil; it also creates a cleaner canvas for later color application.



With the same Stila Palette, use #5 around the contour of your eyes and press in the color on the end as well (color #5 on the last circled part; color #6 on the beginning of the eyes).


Color #5 is a darker color so it’s best to apply in light & small strokes to avoid turning into a panda LOL.

Finally, brush #6 on the bottom waterline. By adding #6, it will enlarge the appearance of your eyes and add sparkles to your gaze.


Then we are done! Simple and fast ❤ we are so efficient!


You can always go darker with the evening look. Remember to apply the darker color with a light hand and blend the colors with a fluffy brush so the layers still look natural.

Our goal is to look beautiful and sophisticated in the party 🙂 whether under dark or bright lighting. We want to look good in all settings, not just during the party.

Stila is portable for makeup transformation. I would say it’s a good option to have it with you during holiday season, as you may be travelling or staying overnight with friends/family. To save room for Xmas goodies, it’s wise to pack a multi-purpose palette so you will never be caught “not ready”.


🙂 Have a great Christmas Eve, everyone. ❤


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