((Makeup)) Purple Starry Night

Christmas is coming close, can you hear the bells jingling? On this special occasion, let’s try something different! The makeups that I usually wear are earthy, neutral, brown tones.

Today, let’s try a CUTE cool purple smokey eye instead! The eye makeup is especially compatible with your black little dress and that pair of hot pumps. Let’s get started!

SAM_6201 SAM_6203

Products used: Too Faced Chocolate Bar


  1. Use white chocolate as base and brush over the entire eye lid and the top of the brow bone. Because we will be using cool toned purple, the wash of white chocolate will help to retain the purity of the purple and prevent your lids from appearing muddy.


2. Candied violet is the protagonist of our show. Dab the cold purple on the edges of your lids with a pointy eye shadow brush.    3.Use a fluffy rush and brush black forest truffle on top of candied violet.

4. Apply cherry cordial on the edge of your lids and blend it with candied violet towards your brow bones.

5. Press triple fudge on your lash line and blend it upward to create a smokey effect. In this makeup, you can use either a brown or a black liner, both colors will blend with the shadows nicely.


The mixture of colors create a depth to the purple eye shadow. Your eyes sparkles under different lights and angles; perfectly charming. Charismatic eyes.


Wear this cute smokey makeup look to your next Xmas party or friends/family reunion. Have some fun!




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