((Makeup)) The Sweet Romantic – Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette



Final exams are finally over for the Winter semester, woo hoo! Now I finally have the free time to share some of my holiday splurges.

I was excited to get my first Too Faced Sweet Chocolate Bar eye palette. The eye color shadows are made of real chocolate!

Listed is the picture of the ingredient list (captured from Too Faced official website):



The top ones are actually sweet treats! Wow, what else can be more amazing than having/using a chocolate-made eye shadow? The packaging is dreamy like the makeup atmosphere it wishes to create. The box itself is a reflective golden color with pastel pink, engraved with gold, interwoven with Too Faced in hot pink.



On the backside, it clearly lists all the names of the colors. While the palette is quite neutral, it does contain some darker colors like Triple truffle, Candied violet and Amareto. The colors are carefully coordinated so you can never go wrong.



Ta-da! This is the Chocolate Bar itself! I can smell the sweet chocolate scent already!


The palette contains a full-size mirror so you can save room from carrying an extra mirror in the bag. Plus, the larger mirror make it more useful as you can see more of your makeup looks and correct/adjust with ease.



The colors, basically, can be grouped into 2 sections. If you split the palette in half, the left side would be the neutral/copper/earthy tones. The right side is the colder, sultry, purple/maroon mix. The base colors are the biggest blocks in the palette so you can use it with other eye shadows as well. Don’t restrict yourself with the cosmetic wonders!


I did the eye looks after work so bear with my PJ XD. I made 2 looks. The first will be a earthy/neutral look, so in dessert term, I call it the Hazelnut Caramel Latte. If you have a day-look, you need a night/evening look. The second look is a mix of purple/pink/brown  and I call it the Lavender Hot Chocolate with Raspberry drizzle. Let’s start!



So, we are ready to start our adventure! The neutral look is created with White Chocolate as the base color. Brush it on the whole lid to prep the base.


Then you dab Semi-sweet on the crease and on the blend it upward toward your brows (stop at the circled place); don’t blend it too close to the brows or your eyes will actually seem smaller and that’s an effect no girls would want 😉 wink. bigger and brighter.


Then use Triple truffle on top of Semi-sweet, and bring it upward like the picture below. Brush the color on with a light hand so you don’t darken the look so fast (and more room to fix any blending error in the process).


Use Hazelnut on the side contour of the eyes (where you can feel the bones of the socket) and lightly blend it over. This creates a depth of your eyes so the contouring looks more natural.010

Finally, finish the look off with Crème as bottom eyeshadow. Use a slanted eye shadow brush and dab Crème Brulee on the bottom lash line. For a more dramatic effect, use black eye liner on the bottom lash line for emphasis.



And we are done! Ta-da! We just made ourselves a Caramel Hazelnut cake! (eye look LOL)


It is natural for a day-look and simple to transform to a night/evening look. All you need is a dark eye liner liquid to make a winged liners and you will be ready to have fun tonight!


Left: under warm/room light; Right: under white/florescent lighting

The colors are lively under both lightings. Whether you are sitting in an office or going out for coffee in a bright day, you will look flawless, naturally.



The second look I played with is a mix of pink/purple and brown. It’s like a lavender hot chocolate with raspberry swirl.


First, we will start with Champaign truffle and brush it all over the entire lid. The first step is usually the same LOL so we can have a cleaner/even canvas.


Then we use Candied violet (the purple block) and dab it on the end of the eyes. Bring it to the eye of the eye brows so you have a subtle light smokey look, meanwhile, creating a depth of the eyes.


Then use Marzipan at the beginning of the eye to brighten the eyes up and to create a cleaner contrast to the darker purple. The lid will look cleaner and the layers will become more dramatic.





Then we add the pink element, Strawberry Bon Bon, on the centre of the lid to make the eyes “pop”. Strawberry Bon Bon is a matte pastel pink. The color is not overly pronounced so it’s easy to wear.



The subtle light pink also create a hint of “gentle softness” and “wonder”. Just when others think you are wearing a purple eye shadow, every blink will have that “romantic” “pink” look that keep them guessing.




It is very tricky to have a clean eye look while using darker colors. The trick is to use a clean, fluffy eye shadow brush and sweep over the lids to blur the separation of colors. The layers will blend into each other well.


What do you think about the finished look? The sultriness of purple is neutralized by a hint of pink. While purple is usually a more sultry and mature color, we’ve neutralized it with a hint of pink so you get the best of both worlds – playful and sweet.


(Comparison of the two looks)


Definitely, Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow is easy to use and simple to create multiple looks with. I even use it on my brides as the colors are so versatile and are complementary to almost any skin tones. The palette comes with a cool base color and a warm base color so you can create a cleaner canvas (lids) for the shadow application.

Because of the versatility, ease of use, I want to share this lovely palette with you. Thanks for reading! Have fun with being beautiful 🙂



I am looking forward to seeing more festive product launch :p

Don’t forget to add me on Instagram, hiadorabelle so we can share our passion in beauty. I hope you enjoyed the light reading. Have a restful night and start Monday with a wonderful smile!



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