((Makeup)) Three Color Veil for Cheeks – the natural color from the depth of your skin <3


As a makeup junkie, I am particular crazy/passionate with foundation/base makeup items. Besides foundation and concealor, blush is an undeniable major contributor to a great and flawless complexion. Skin is like the canvas for a painter. Before we apply any colors (eye shadows, brows, lips etc) it is mandatory to ensure that the canvas is clean and decorated with versatile blushes to complement a variety of different shades.

After falling in love with Three Harmony Foundation, I carry it everywhere with me. It was only logical to try their blush products as well. I bought #22 which is a baby pink-ish color with a slight coral hue.

The outer packaging is very simple and clean. A plain paper box embraces the delicate blush color.


three color veil for cheeks


Removing the outer packaging, we arrive to see the true face of the protagonist. The blush case is plastic with a matte finish.


The blush is simple. It’s a plain plastic case with no mirror or a compact brush so you will have to bring a mini-travel size brush for application. I certainly wish it could have come with a compact mirror so it can save me room for a small mirror in my makeup pouch ­čśŽ


The lack of brush and makeup mirror does not compromise my love for it though, haha.


The powder granule is very fine so it will not exacerbate the pores and the imperfection around the cheek around. The fine granule complement their skin texture naturally to create a au-nature sheen.

After application:



I wear this blush almost everyday so you can see the blush in a variety of my makeup looks.


The ease of wear and application make it a perfect complement to any makeup look. It’s light and beautiful with a touch of elegance. It helps to refine almost all makeup look without stealing the show. No wonder I carry it everywhere with me, haha. I can’t wait to buy other colors (OMG). You have to try it in your blush-hunt (if you are currently looking for one) don’t pass by Three┬áColor Veil for Cheeks.


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