((Makeup Junkie)) What’s on your makeup desire list?

Have you guys gone crazy with the Sephora 20% off all purchases offer? I was ecstatic to receive the discount offer ❤

I bet you have started a shopping list already. Lets share; what’s your must-get or want-get item at this time of the year?

For me, my target lies in the value/gift sets/limited editions. When we move close to Christmas, each brand comes up with rare value sets that’s only available around the holiday season. Especially, the palettes, are usually a sweet steal to grab!


The first on my list is Too Faced La Grand Chateau

too face la grand chateau

The package is grandiose and elegant. Love the packaging and the versatility of the color combinations. The set comes with 3 palettes for $62C, with a mini-size mascara. The palettes are great for a natural, day and evening look. All three combinations are simple to use; it’s a must-get.

A smaller version is Too Faced Le Grand Palais

too faced la grand palais

It comes with a mascara, lid primer, and a mini mascara. There is a tiny Sephora bag on the corner – so adorable! The set not only features eye colors but it also comes with face highlights (the top 3 color) and contour colors (bottom 4) with pink and coral blushes.

It’s compact and light. Great for travelling.


Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate

too faced semi sweet choco

From first glance, it’s like any earthy tone eye palette combo. It also added in a couple pop colors such as aqua marine blue and some matte brown colors so you can create more magic!

Though I’ve longed for this palette but the retail price is too high for me >< I can’t bear to spend almost $60 for this! Luckily, the discount came just in-time so I get to wrap this up, haha.



Besides Too Faced, Urban Decay (UB) is the next brand to get.

The Naked palette is a popular and well-known eye color set that is good for self-use and for bridal makeup. Many of my makeup colleagues have bought from the Naked series. If you have many neutral tone eye colors already, I would recommend getting Naked 1 (the first palette) as it comprises lighter and darker shades which so you can create more looks.

ub naked

Naked 2 is more shimmery and neutral. If you have many earthy tones already (like me) or if you have Naked 3 in possession, you can get Naked 1 this time. Naked 2 is mostly nude colors and the hues are on the lighter side.

ub naked2

Jumping out of the neutrality, we have the rock-and-roll colors! Besides nude colors, I would always carry a palette of pop color on the bridal jobs, just in case. lol

ub vice

Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow

Then we arrive at Nars. The Steven Klein collection is BEAUTIFUL. It’s a must-have for Nars cult.

The blush palette features the most famous blush color plus contouring and a highlight color. Just one palette you can finish contouring/highlight/blush on the face.


nars collection

The Narsisst. What a genius name! It’s a wonderful palette for evening/night wear. It consists of shimmering and matte shades so it can be worn for any occasion. The outside box serves like a mirror (how brilliant!) so it saves room for extra luggage.

nars NARSissist 002

The Face Basics. It’s a nice present for Secret Santa (haha) It’s well-packaged and comes with a small size of the Nars favourite items. The blush/bronzer duo included in the value set is priceless!




If you want to spoil yourself, YSL Holiday set is a great choice.

ysl kiss and love

The set comes with everything! It’s also a limited addition, so- what’s not to get?


Stila Stay-all-Day Liquid Lipstick

It’s one of the most long-wearing lip color ever! It doesn’t come off with eating/drinking and the color stay vibrant for the entire day.

stila stay all day

As you can see my major focus is on the eye colors. Around holiday times, the brands design and come up with new mixes/combinations which makes it more worthy of your bucks.

I’ve shared my list of desire with you beauties; happy discount shopping!



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