((Base Makeup)) Three – Complete Harmony Foundation

With the rumored introduction of Laduree launching its exquisite patisserie shop on the Street of Robson, it has reminded me one of its equal beauty brand competition – Three.


Three is famous for its pure ingredients used in the product line and the simplistic design.



Three doesn’t have an extensive product line but it encompasses everyone’s need. It has the base makeup, the point/color makeup, and skin care items. It’s been a couple years since Three has introduced any new members. So when I hear of the new foundation coming out – I must try!

Three Complete Harmony Foundation – I chose the color 102– the most common skin color selected, lol.

The packaging is simple but chic. It’s clean and sophisticated. The body is made of real glass so it’s quite heavy to carry around – one of the drawbacks of such beautiful design.



The plastic cover is to prevent moisture from seeping into the product.


The foundation texture is like butter, creamy and smooth.

  • the foundation also comes with a free plastic spoon so you can scoop out the foundation as needed; to prevent double-dipping or the bacteria of your hands from compromising the product.

Before application:


Oh yes, my usual skin concerns are all present here. Uneven skin tone, redness due to rosacea, acne scarring, darkness around the mouth and the nose.

Last night I had somewhat of a good sleep so the dark circles are mild and not too serious.

Now, let’s examine the coverage.

The color 102 is a little pale for me but it doesn’t affect our coverage test.


I used a sponge for application, but it’s preferred if you can use your fingers or foundation brush with this product.

The immediate effect of this foundation is somewhat a semi-matte finish.

I did not use any other coverage/base products.




Complexion is more even and the redness is not apparent anymore. The darkness around my mouth is chased away. It’s like a soft veil on your face concealing the undesirables.


I just dust on some loose powder and did my eyebrows, eye lashes and blush. We are done!

The foundation is smooth and natural under the scrutinizing white light.


010 011

Usually, white, fluorescent lights are my enemy… this kind of lighting can exhibit any flaws. With Three, I am not worried!


My skin is feel moisturized and awaken.

But all makeup looks perfect right after application. How does it do after a whole day?

At first, I did not feel the urge to share this product with you guys, but after seeing its lasting power – I must share this!

Have a look!


My blush has fallen off and I did no re-application or any sort. You can see the skin is radiant and dewy – completely different from looking greasy or tired.


On a closer look, my cheek is shining with a healthy glow- how can this be after almost 13 hours of wear?!


I can feel myself being drawn to more Three products now, hahaha. I love the finish and its long-lasting power. After 13 hours I look natural if not more radiant and health. My complexion has only improved with time.

I hope you had a great time reading this 🙂 and feel free to give Three a try. I ordered the product online as it’s not sold in North America – had to ship it directly from Japan. It’s definitely worth every penny.

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