((Foundation)) Luminous & velvety – Chanel Perfect Lumiere


Autumn is here~ Not only do we need to change our skincare products but we also need to pay attention to our makeup items. Usually, the products made for summer focus on oil control and light in texture. For fall/winter makeup items, they tend to contain more moisturizing and serum ingredients to prevent flaking and drying of the skin.

Most often, fall/winter focus more on a matte complexion. But this year, the “skin trend” is still the “dewy, natural, glowing” finish. The tricky thing is, looking natural does not mean putting on less makeup LOL; quite the contrary, you have to choose the right makeup items to hide the imperfections while creating a luminous sheen on your skin, showing radiance.

With the opening of Nordstrom, I had the opportunity to visit the new Chanel counter to try Chanel Perfect Lumiere foundation.


My first Chanel foundation was Vitalumiere and it helped me through the acne-break-out times. It was the only foundation that didn’t worsen my acne so my first Chanel experience is fairly pleasant 🙂

Perfect Lumiere is very fluid and easy to apply. You can use your fingers, makeup sponges or foundation brushes for application.

Ok, enough said. Let’s get started!

Before application- no makeup:


Uneven skin tone, mild dark circles under the eyes, and some acne scarring on sides of the cheeks.

The Chanel lady – Jacqueline- chose 20 Beige for me, which I think it’s a perfect starting shade to try for Asian skin tone. It’s a little more yellowish than usual Chanel tones.


After application (half-face)


Are you able to tell the difference? The left-hand side is more even and smoothed out. My pores have been hidden (haha) and less dark circle is showing through.

After application (whole face)


My skin is more even and therefore cleaner. It has a dewy & velvety finish.

Let’s look closer- most of my pores are gone.


The foundation is moisturizing enough that it does not cause creasing or dry lines around my eyes.


Alrighty! After dusting on a light blush, filling in the brows and brushing on mascara, we are ready for our day!


I adore the clean and luminous finish ❤ it’s the perfect balance of coverage and natural beauty.

Finally, let’s see what happens after 8 hours– just to test the longevity of the foundation and if it oxidizes/darkens with time.

Just a note here that I did not blot out any oils and there was no touch-up throughout the day. The glow is the natural oil that’s produced by the skin. Rather than looking oily and grease, it’s adding to the dewy-ness of the finish and making the foundation looking more natural and beautiful.


Personally, I believe this is a foundation that’s worth our beauty investment for fall/winter. I am in love with this instantly ahahahaha. I hope you had fun reading my little blurt about autumn/winter makeup. Have a lovely weekend!!!

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