((Makeup)) Snooze on! Elegant eye look for sleepyheads!


Now that fall is here, I always want to nap for another 5 to 10 minutes. My alarm is always in snooze mode, ahaha. Time is precious! To look fabulous with the least amount of effort and time is a goal that we all strive for (yay!)

Can you imagine that I only used 2 items to create the beautifully layered look in the picture?

It’s easy ❤ After I had been introduced to Charlotte Tilbury, I have been going crazy with the beauty line. Besides blush, I also got the Colour Chameleon – champagne. It’s a chubby eyeshadow pencil; similar to the chubby eyeshadow by Clinique.002

The other is the Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil. I got the classic dark brown so it’s versatile for a natural day-look and smokey evening eye.

I personally recommend Champagne because it’s a nice, light colour that can be used as base lid primer.



I used Champagne all over the lid as base.


Then I used the Iconic Liquid Liner on the base of the lash line.


To make the brown liner smoother and softer, I used a fluffy eye shadow brush to blend the eye liner color upward.

Finally, whip out your eye liner liquid (black/brown) and draw along the lash line to brighten up your eyes.


Ta-da. Done!


Extremely easy to do, right? With only 2 items (it will be 3 if you add in the eye liner liquid like me) it’s compact and clutter-free.



I hope you enjoy the light reading, have a great night!


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