((Makeup)) Add some Chocolate to your makeup!


As mentioned before, a few articles ago, that I vowed to purchase the Lunasol Autumn/Winter release of Miwaku Jyuka. I never break a promise (especially when it’s about makeup, haha) so, here it is!!


The exquisite packaging has instantly captured my heart. How can an eye shadow be presented like a box of chocolate??? Whoever came up with the idea – you are a genius! This is definitely the quickest way to grab a girl’s attention.


After reviewing the eye shadow selection, I’ve decided to start with the Duo Shadow collection which is also a limited edition for the A/W line. This is EX02 shown here. The left is a orange/coral color with a modest shimmer. The right is a neutral coffee-brown that is neither warm nor cool. The print “Lunasol” comes off with the first use, sadly, but overall the intricate design never cease to amaze me.


The Duo Shadow also comes with a note warning that the product has a sweet scent which may be mistaken as candy or sweets- so please keep it away from kids and do not ingest the makeup.


The Duo Shadow is merely a creation of art. The packaging, the appearance, the wrapping, etc, everything about it just moves me. It’s more like a gift that’s designed with the most care rather than just a simple makeup item.

After much appreciation talk, let’s get started, shall we?

First and foremost, I always start with a wash of color. Don’t let the orange hue intimidate you. The color compliments yellow-toned complexion rather than making it look tired or hyper-pigmented.


Look at that lovely sheen! It’s like you are wearing nothing but you are indeed WEARING something!

If you had looked at me from a normal distance, you’d see that my eye lids are quite even-toned. There’s no darkness or uneven colors.


The second step is to apply a stroke of the brown hue onto the folds of your lids.


Then dab the coffee-brown on your lashline to create a soft eye liner.

Finally, whip out your eye liner – I used brown in this case – and draw the line on your lashline to accentuate the eyes. Sweep on a coat of lengthening mascara then you are done!


Isn’t this the easier makeup ever? You will have a complete look in less than 10, oh no, 5 minutes.


For some reasons this makeup makes me feel very elegant like a Royalty- therefore the serious face, haha.




I apologize for the many selfies. I am going crazy on my camera because the shadows blends so well and the look is just amazing. It’s natural, elegant and EFFORTLESS.

That ends my little article for tonight. Have an awesome Labour Day Weekend, guys and girls!



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