The Rose House

Having high tea is a very relaxing pass-time which only us girls and classy guys would understand the beauty and the leisure of it lol.


The Rose House is a secret tea house that is hidden in among the bustling area of Vancouver. The outside appears to be an old, shabby business unit. At first, we were shocked by its external appearance- but, never judge a book by its cover. The door leads you to a world woven with the fragrance and the beauty of roses.









The tea house is immaculate and carefully decorated with the theme of rose. Not only can you find Rose House here in Vancouver, but it also have multiple branches across North America including the States. The Rose House chases its root back to Taiwan when the first cafe opened up in Taichung, and grew to Taipei- the heart of Taiwan. Slowly, it expanded to the U.S. and now Vancouver, so I was fortunate to visit and have some delicious high-tea in such a well-known cafe.

007 008

Each branch has its unique decors that is tailored to the central theme of Rose.

Alright! I think it’s time to dig in and have some nice desserts with lovely tea!


There are 3 sets you can choose from and each set includes a pot of tea worth $ 7. 95. If you are looking for a nice meal, I recommend going with Prince William set. It will definitely fill you up!



This is me and my Prince William set plus the Rose Tea on the side.

IMG_1917 IMG_1921

Each tea comes with a different tea set. Even the inside of the cup looks fabulous.

p.s. you can have 2 free fills for your tea.




The savory and the sweets are in perfect harmony. The atmosphere is quiet and classy and there’s no dining time limit – which is the best of the best! The service was excellent as the servers are very tentative and will always be checking if you need anything. They are prompt to refill your teas for you so you definitely feel very well taken care of.

Visit them directly here –

It’s a delight to have good desserts, high-quality teatime with your close friends ❤ happy tea time.


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