((Pro Makeup)) HD Beauty here we come


I had the pleasure to do Sherry Duggal’s makeup and hair and have everything done in 30 minutes. She is a brilliant writer and actor. She cares about people’s well-beings and social issues. She is always on the lookout to do more for others ❤

She briefly mentioned about the dark circles due to lack of sleep (it’s one of those hot summer nights) and would like to wipe off the “tired” look. I used Avene toner to cleanse her face, then I patted on Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. I usually let the moisturizer sit down 1-2 minutes with  my palms placed on my client’s face so help it absorb more thoroughly. When the skin is ready, I whip out MUFE primer and Kat Van D concealer to cover up the 5 o’clock shadows. Then I brushed on MUFE Face and Body foundation and blend in the concealer and set the makeup with a transparent loose powder. If you have dry complexion, do avoid using compact powder for makeup setting as it will absorb the natural oil of the skin. You will end up feeling even drier and uncomfortable. The best makeup-setting products woul dbe either a makeup spray or a simple loose powder.

I dusted Nars- Deep Throat on the apples of her cheeks. Then, to create a dewy look, I highlighted the high cheekbones with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick (bronze). Then I contoured around the tip of the nose and the eyes to create a defined look that is soft still.

The lips were custom-mixed. I personally think that the best lip colors are ones that are designed just for you so I always mix different colors that are tailored to my clients.

Boom, bang. We are on! There is a fine line between looking “shining/oily” and looking radiant. Just look at that flawless complexion, you will not believe the hostess had a bad night of sleep.


Under the brutal scrutiny of the HD camera, she is still perfect and flawless. Thank you Sherry. I hope to do your makeup again soon! It has been a blast!



Email me at hi.adorabelle@gmail.com for your makeup needs. Let’s look perfect together!


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