((Makeup)) Makeup for your First Interview!


Summer is here which means it’s time for new graduate to start their career! Besides an intensive phone pre-screening questions, the next part is the in-person meeting. Of course, getting the personal meeting is a major step so don’t stree yourself out. Have a good night’s sleep and takes lots of deep breathe. How you present yourself is crucial. Wearing a neat and clean blouse (best if it’s a simple color top) with a pair of business slacks or nicely trimmed A-lin skirt and a fitting blazer will help with the first impression. Now we got the outfit down to the T. What about your makeup?

The main point we want to strive for is to have a clean, neat and professional appearance. For complexion, I used Charlotte Tilbury Foundation (#4)


The foundation has a sheer to medium coverage. Since we are going for a light and natural look, heavy concealer is unnecessary unless you just underwent a serious zip-popping session the night before (LOL).

Then choose a loose powder for setting your foundation. Preferably, a loose powder with some level of coverage (medium to high) and finalize with a pearly loose powder to create a sheen and light shimmer on the complexion. So you are “glowing”.

For blush, I used JS #04


Just lightly brush on the apples of your cheeks and you’re done.

Then I used Visee for eye shadow makeup. Mainly nude colors with a dark brown liner on the lash line.


Finish with mascara then we are done!IMG_1725




Clean, simple and you are ready to go!

Best of luck!   


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