((Makeup)) Lunasol A/W 2015- who loves chocolate!!!

BeFunky Collage

In love again

Lunasol A/W 2015 is coming out in September!

Kanebo Lunasol is famous for its earthy shadows of the finest and smoothest texture. It’s sophisticated and elegant that is matched by none.

I adore the design. It is perfectly made like a real square chocolate! The deepest eye color on the bottom right corner is like a genuine chocolate cube you can pop into your mouth right away (yum!) Upon first peek, I thought Lunasol is now making chocolate sweets (how silly of me).

The first and the must-have it is the limited edition chocolate noir.

choco noir

Just like the genuine dark chocolate, the eye color are of a darker and cooler tone. It’s a great shadow to wear to date nights and ladies’ night-out. It’s lovely and sultry- and sweet!

Chocolate Raisin

choco raisin

This is another must-get! haha. The velvety purple comes in three different hues and all in cool tone as well. It is not easy to find beautiful purples that work for Asian skin tones. The purple seem like a long-preserved grape wine that is of the purest quality. The purple is clean and neat so I can’t wait to try them out!

Chocolate Amer

chocolate amer

The chocolate of love. It’s a maroon/pinkish warm-tone eye shadow combo. It’s sweet and cheerful. It’s good for beginner and first-time Lunasol buyers. It’s simple to use and no room for mistake. You will look beautiful in every single way.

Chocolate Blanc

chocolate blanc

White chocolate– light and airy for a work/school day. Perfect for a day-out or a dinner with your in-laws. The whites are pure and simple. I adore the elegance of the shades.

On a busy day or a short trip, you may want to pack the duo shadows just to keep more room for your other pretty items. The duo shadow palettes, this year, are a definite for me ❤

Chocolate Framboise

choco framboise

Strawberry Chocolate. It seems to be a compact version of the Chocolate Raisin quads; another must-buy for me, hahaha. I may go all-crazy this year for Lunasol!

Chocolate Orange

choco orange

Perfect colour to wear for a restful picnic on a sunny autumn afternoon. It’s a simple duo that can never go wrong.

Chocolate Pistachio

choco pistachio

(Pistachio is one of my fav ice cream flav!) Unlike a minty green color, the lighter color is more silver-emerald like. The dark liner portion is of an dark olive green which would be an interesting combination. If I were to buy one out of the 3 duo, I will choose Pistachio. It’s a rarer combination and may surprise you ❤

Eyeshadows aren’t complete without the eyeliner!

eyeliner gel

The new eyeliner comes in black/chocolate/dark chocolate. The slanted angle makes it perfect for your eyebrows too! It’s a perfect twin – one for eyeliner and one for your brows.

Usually, I am not attracted to lip color collection. But this time I’m totally intrigued!


From the outside, it seems like a mini-chocolate sauce or a liquid eye shadow/tint. Who would have thought it’s actually a lip color ❤ It comes in 4 different colors. It’s short and adorable. I can’t wait to see the real thing!

It’s rumored to release in September in Japan. I hope to see them soon online! ❤



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