((Makeup)) Beautiful just-awake look

Wake up, Sleepyhead.


To be honest, waking up with a beautiful complexion and a natural “non-existent” airy makeup is everyone’s dream. Even though our other half may be accepting to our wake-up look, but there’s always a tiny voice in my mind wishing “I hope I can wake up like a sleepy beauty looking like the magazine cover!” Being a girl is hard, isn’t it? hahaha

We don’t always wake up looking like this ->


But, trust me, with a little bit of effort, you can wake up looking you are ready for a photoshoot! (especially for those nights you believe your friends will ambush you for a surprise birthday party in your bedroom.)


First, a flawless complexion is mandatory for any makeup. I chose IPSA Foundation and applied a thin layer. I dabbed Maybelline concealer in areas where I need more coverage (ie. dark circles, etc).

Then I use Charlotte Tilbury Compact Powder to set my makeup. This is a must-get, I tell you (haha) It provides medium coverage while setting your makeup without looking hevy. It does a wonderful job. The only drawback is that you’ll have to buy your own brush or compact puff – it doesn’t come with a tool.004

Lightly brush your face with the compact powder. Then pick a light color blush – it could be coral or pink-based. I would recommend using a pinky tone blush as it will appear more natural (coral would look like you just finished a work-out- so probably not the no.1 choice if we are going for a just-wake-up look).

I choce CDP blush #01, which I bought a long time ago. It can last me a lifetime.


Brush in a circular motion at the apples of your cheeks. We just want to add color so keep contouring and highlighting to a minimum.


After we have a little bit of color on our cheeks, we are ready for the eyes. I like to do a “hidden liner” which is embedded in the lashline of your eyes. If you are very sensitive, you may want to hold the mirror down in the lap and lift up your lids with your fingers to draw in the lashline (to keep from blinking). It take practice and it will be uncomfortable at first (trust me, I have been there) but you will be fine after 10 times of poking your lids out LOL.


Draw a thin line only. Don’t go flick up the tails or make it extra bold. We want a natural look here.


I only pencil in the upper lashline, I left the bottom lashline clean so the eyes would still look natural and not made-up.



Then you are ready!

Jump back in bed and wait for that surprise to come on (or wait for your love to wake up, hahaha)


Looking like this you are sure to impress. You are ready for an ambush party, a surprise night-raid or a pillow fight!




ps. I used some mascara as well. The trick here is not to curl your lashes overly curly. Lightly apply pressure to the curler then use a curly/lengthening effect mascara to bring out your eyes. I applied only once so the lashes look naturally elongated. Don’t overly do it because it’s not clubbing time yet! (wait for the nightfall then we can go all-out).

I hope you had some fun reading. Try this out! You are sure to impress the next “roommate”.



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