((Makeup)) Charlotte Tilbury is here!


Looking at this photo, you must know what I am about to introduce.

The famous Hollywood MUA has released her newest makeup line in Vancouver (fire works) I am so excited! Finally, Vancouver is getting the attention it deserves. Now we can shop around around the world without worrying about exchange rates or enduring high shipping and handling fees plus the high expense of custom.

No more waiting for UPS, Purolator, DHL, etc. You can buy it, wear it, BOOM.


The makeup products are beautifully designed and package with the lightest material so it’s easy and light to carry with you. I adore the blush series and I want to get one of every color!

Though blush is adorable, the most renowned is the eye palette collection. The Dolce Vita palette is sultry and down-to-earth– a fabulous eye color palette for travelling so you can pull off day/evening looks all-in-one.



The bronze and copper tones are also very suitable for warmer skin tones and Asian complexion.



I went with a  “pop” look so dabbing shimmering bronze in the centre of my eyelids. Because it’s still day-time so I tried to shy away from an over-the-top smokey eye.


Each palette comes with its own instruction. You can go from girl-next-door to va-va-vroom.


It’s a lovely experience to play with so many colours and see how each dances on everyone’s eyes. The foundation and primer are beautiful as well. I bought the primer (smile) it’s a warmer tone primer that gives a pearly and shimmery radiance to your skin. The foundation is sheer to medium coverage. If more coverage is required, simply dab a bit of concealer on and you are good to go. I also bough the compact powder which I will share in later blogs.


Maybe the weekend or simply go visit after work. Charlotte’s collection will definitely charm you.

Go crazy. give it a try.



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