((Base Makeup)) Perfect in Every Shot- Make Up Forever Ultra HD

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation is here!


With the newest technology, it’s focus is to produce flawless and pore-less porcelain complexion even under the most brutal scrutiny- not your fiancee, not your boyfriend (guys can’t even tell if you’ve just got your hair done!) not your confidant but the CAMERA!


As per my previous experience as the MUA for Shaw TV, using regular foundation just doesn’t cut it. The camera lens magnify your every fine hair and every breathing pores; we may think they seem perfectly fine in real life but all imperfections are 10 times larger on TV!

MUF HD Foundation has always been a staple in my makeup kit so there’s no reason to shy away from the newest collection (lol).


The two look very similar. The left is the new packaging with a metallic rimmed cap while the older generation comes with a simple dark top.

It’s easy to mix the two up. Luckily Sephora has put away the older generation so the ones on the shelves should all be the new Ultra HD.


I used 120 in HD and I am a 127 in Ultra HD (apparently I have grown a shade darker this summer *sob sob*)

Before makeup: the naked face


I slabbed on some  moisturizer and put on Ultra HD.


(left- before Ultra HD; right – with Ultra HD)

The blemishes and redness have been greatly reduced. You may feel heavy at first but the foundation blends in with my skin in 3-5 minutes and comes out looking natural.


The finish is neither dewy nor matte. It’s clean, simple and very natural. After foundation, we all need to add on some mascara and lashes eh?


How do I look? By eliminating the discoloration you can focus more on my feature and the color makeups. haha

In-person you may still see some redness because Ultra HD is not full coverage or heavy in texture. I can see my own dark circle though they became less visible after the foundation.

However, Ultra HD does have one magic power- you look fabulous in every photo from every angle. The power of being PHOTOGENIC



It appears that my dark circles and all imperfections have packed up and left my face. My complexion seem flawless yet natural still. There is NO concealer used and NO primer in this case, just so that we can focus on the beauty of the product in question.


I am truly amazed by Ultra HD and I definitely recommend you having one in your kit! It’s a HG to add for pro MUA especially in TV/Film makeups. It comes in handy even for daily use. You never know when you will be taking a group picture with your friends or a company photo- or just a selfie! It makes selfie easier too. No need to download thousands of apps to fix up our faces!

Give it a try. Your camera will love it!


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