((Makeup)) Makeup Bag Attack! What’s in yours?

What's in your makeup bag?

What’s in your makeup bag?

A makeup bag is a girl’s secret. I would say whatever you have in your portable makeup bag is your HG (holy grail) products that you can’t do without.

I only pack the trust-worthy items in my makeup pouch. First to start- Armiani Luminous Silk #5– I bought this 3-4 years ago but I only used it 2-3 times back then.


I felt the foundation wasn’t for me. It was too thin and coverage too low. Plus it was too drying and too matte. I tried a couple times and put it away on my shelf. I am proud that it hasn’t expired yet – due to good storage. I put it away from sun, heat and moisture. It sat quietly in my accessory box on the book shelf. It is still fresh when I took it out last week. Then it has been in my makeup bag every since.

The coverage hasn’t changed. But now, instead of giving me a matte face it’s giving me a glowy and dewy finish. I was happy with the makeup finish so I have been using it everyday for base makeup.

The next must-have is my brow powder. Integrate (IE) from Japan. It has been my long-time pal for 4-5 years at least. The dark brown and the medium brown portion are almost done.


It came with a two-head brush. One end is the brow brush with firm synthetic bristles so you can create a defined brow shape. The other end is more fluffy so you can brush away the excessive powder and smooth the finish.

It goes nicely whether you have lighter or darker hair. It always does the job.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler- my most adored lash curler.


I have used SUQQU, Sana, and big brand names. So far, I have yet to find one that will measure up to Shu Uemura. The depth of the curler fits perfectly around the curve of my eyes, and it catches every eyelash and curl it for a natural finish.

I spent $24 at Sephora last year. 3 years ago it was sold at $22. Inflation is definitely a killer for my pay cheque.

Cle De Peau Mascara.IMG_1344

It’s ultra expensive but it has provided me a lot more than just the price tag. It’s a must-get for me. It’s smudge-resistant, water-proof, sweat-proof and all the thousands of things that I wish a mascara needs to have.

It does not give me black tears when I cry. It does not fade with my sweat. It does not drag my lash down after application.

I use it everyday and it’s given me more value than its cost. Why buy a bunch of cheaper mascaras and not use them till the end? I’d rather buy a CDP and be happy with it. It’s lasted me for more than a year and still pretty far from drying out. Though I do recommend disposing or change your mascara every 3-6 months for sanitary reasons, but I just love CDP so much (plus it’s way too expensive to buy another one now, LOL) I will keep using it and sanitize the wand with alcohol.

Miss Hana eyeliner. A proud MIT makeup item (MIT- made in Taiwan).


It’s smudge-resistant, water-proof and oil-proof. I wear it on my lash line and it holds for an entire day. The pencil is soft and easy to apply. It does not pull or hurt my lids.

The colour is rich with even a light line. You don’t need much effort and you will have big beautiful and deep eyes just like that.

Shiseido Future Solution LX Loose Powder.


I grabbed this at The Bay. It’s a big jar of loose powder that will last me probably 3 years or more. The puff is soft and gentle to the touch. The powder itself is fine and pinkish in colour. If you have fair and pale skin tone, this is the loose powder to get. It will light up your face and give you a rosy glow with a couple dabs.IMG_1350

Cle De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer– another ultra expensive item from CDP. This is one-year anniversary ❤


The packaging is like a nicely cut diamond. The face enhancer comes in 4 different colours.

Review 3 best brightening makeup primers and highlighters CPB


I have #015 which is very complementing to warmer skin tones. It has a pleasant fragrance that is very comforting to me. The brush is extremely soft and grabs just the right amount of shimmer.

With the enhancer, you can have a pearlescent radiance just like Amanda Seyfried.


I fell in love with her in Mean Girls. She has an elegance that I adore. I was excited to find out she became the spokesperson for CDP. Two of my most favorite together! Hahaha.

With this makeup pouch, I can get ready and be ready anytime, anywhere.



When you are on vacation, sleeping over, or staying anywhere besides your own abode- you just have to keep these HG items with you so you can be flawless all the time.

What’s your secret makeup bag HG?

add me on instagram– hiadorabelle or email me at hi.adorabelle@gmail.com for bridal/fashion/grad/everyday makeup!


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