((Life)) First outlet @ YVR Vancouver


Let’s be honest. When you talk about cheap places to buy brand-names, Vancouver isn’t exactly on the top of your list.

Nine out of ten times, we would drive down our neighbor in the South and enjoy their great outlet discounts. A typical Coach bag could drop in price from $398 to $90, yes, I have seen that happen and I was definitely one of the crazy shoppers to rush to add one to my Handbag Collection.

Upon hearing the news about a possible outlet opening in Vancouver, I was more than ecstatic to welcome the Outlet Giant, McAuthur Glen. It’s time that Vancouver should have one of its own!


It is the first outlet to be built around the Vancouver area. I was first suspicious of what it could offer. My dear OG drove me there on the first day. We set out at 9:30am and I thought that was wayyy too early. OG said we will be there by 10am; if we were there earlier we can wait for a moment or two- makes perfect sense.

Jump in the car, start the engine and here we go!


Everything seems perfect and rosy before we saw the super long line-up of cars. We were stuck in the traffic jam for more than 1 hour. RCMP was directing traffic flow on the road so cars don’t collide into one another.

The traffic route is the same as that of the one to the Airport. I thought to myself that goodness I wasn’t one of the traveler or I would be terribly upset about missing my flight!

We finally arrived at the grand opening around 11am.

Though there were a million of cars but there’s enough parking for everyone. The parking lot was more than enough to host a billion cars and they are all very well-placed in close proximity to the McArthur Glen outlet so you don’t have to walk too far.

ps. the best transportation is to take the Canada Line skytrain to the Templeton Station. It’s about 3-5 minute walk to the outlet.


As a first-time visitor, I acted like a complete foreign tourist haha. I adore the design and the beautiful architecture. It was as if I were sightseeing in Europe and not shopping in Vancouver!




The buildings and the walkways are carefully laid out and planned so it was as lif you were at another foreign country rather than Vancouver. The outlet holds many of the common brands that you find at other USA outlets. Ie, Levi, Nike, Crabtree and Evelyn, Body Shop, Lole, J.Crew, Polo, Coach, Puma, etc, and many others. 

There are more brand names coming in fall and winter so do stay tuned for more shopping and more saving LOL.

My personal fav. is the Cosmetic Company. I can spend hours in there snooping out great deals on beauty products.

The discounts are pretty much the same as the offers in the Premium Outlets so you are not missing out.

(the bobbo brown eyeshadow palette caught  my eyes. I love the ocean blue and the peacock green. Priced at $57)


If I had a deeper pocket I would have bought one >< the colours are BEAUTIFUL, ladies!

We went on a hot summer day so we were sweating like crazy. But we had a lot of FUN.



(doesn’t this look like he’s in Europe?)



the insanity in Nike store


Nike offers Chinese captions for their shoe styles, WOW


I’m walking down the streets in Europe LOL


It was a lot of fun and a lot to do at the Outlet. Other than shopping, they are hosting the Hawker’s Market from Jul 9 to Jul 12 (correct me if I am wrong pls)

Many of the unique restaurants could be found here. There is an Ice Cream store called Ice Vice which I thought was very cool- they produce gluten-free & dairy-free ice creams!

There are many shops waiting for you to discover. Come check it out! Nice hot spot for all us Vancourites, yay!



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