((Makeup)) Happy Canada Day- Pink Eyeshadows that POP

Happy Canada Day!


I thought about doing a “Red – pinkish eye shadow just for the special occasion. At first, the plan was to make it look extremely red or a neon pink- but that would be a challenge to even step out the door.

Because I am going out later so I decided to tone it down so it’s wearable for a day-out, date night or just a girls’ date together. The nice subtle pink hue is sure to catch everyone’s attention.



For eye shadows, I used Lavshuca Heart Palette PK. As Japanese eyeshadows go, the colour is usually gentle and light (so it would look even lighter and more transparent than what I have in the photos). To emphasize on the red/pink tone, I mixed in some pink blush (pure pink colour) and blend it with Nars shadow Grenadine. The colour is of a matte finish which may appear too flat on my Asian features. So shimmer/glitter to the rescue (superhero theme song).

I used Urban Decay Naked 3 – strange and dust– to  highlight both corners of my eyes. Make them pop!


Finally, I used Black Eyeliner by Maybelline to create a wing liner, slightly lifting upward so that our eyes don’t look “puffy” or “swollen” because of the pinkish hue.

Apply your mascara and we are done! Woohoo!IMG_0956


Usually, people are intimidated by red or pink tone eye shadows because of its difficulty to wear. It is not an easy colour choice I have to say. If you don’t blend it well or add a strong liner colour, your eyes can look swollen or puffy easily – which would be an undesirable look to wear out.

Practice make perfect. There’s no perfection without some frustration. I use to shy away from red/pink shadows but now NO MORE. This Canada Day– challenge yourself. Take out the most difficult eye shadow colour from your makeup kit and go crazy.



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