((Life)) The Journey of Beauty Discovery

Unbelievably I have published my 14th article. Thank you all for coming and reading my beauty shares.


My relationship with makeup and beauty started when I was 18. When I was getting ready for school, someone called my name and said I look very ugly. Then she teased, “how in the world do you dare to go out looking as ugly as you are”

Sticks and stones may hurt my body, but words hurts my spirit.

It stuck with me. After school, I ran to The Bay and asked Makeup Sales Associates to help me pick out makeup. I still remember the first foundation I bought was Estee Lauder Double Wear- it’s quite expensive for a highschool student to afford but I still took out my poor wallet and paid. I do see a different self after applying foundation- even if it’s only foundation (I was too young and the world of makeup was too unknown to me).

I was more confident and I felt better with myself. It drastically improved my self-esteem which was crumpling into shards at the moment.

Then I started to explore different types/texture/techniques of makeup. For a while my skin isn’t the best- I have acne and pimple and I was constantly breaking out. Makeup saved me. It didn’t help with my skin condition but it helped me look better so I could go out and still feeling great about myself.

In my first year of university, I started to discover my own belief of makeup -Nothing is better than a good skin condition. When you have a great skin base, any makeup will serve to make you look BRILLIANT.

I was applying heavy makeup in my highschool year (I was in gr 12 already) and I switched to light makeup (1st year in University) and I started to focus on skincare rather than just putting colour on my face. Unlike usual fans of skincare, I even went to research chemical ingredients and learned how each of them interact with one another. Acne and pimple have troubled me since I can remember- and I want to uproot this problem. I completely understand the pain and self-awareness that you go through when your skin isn’t the best it could be. It hurts, both outside and the inside.


My makeup journey doesn’t end here… it actually went only crazier than this. My passion drove me to save up for tuition at Blanche MacDonald Centre. I paid everything myself (though my parent wasn’t very supportive of the idea but it’s too late for refund lol) I purposely did it that way hahahaha.

My journey is to be continued. Now I hope to deliver this happiness to every one of you. I want to make you beautiful and brilliant- simply because you are beautiful on the inside and your outside should be as well. Let your true self shine through- that’s my philosophy. 🙂



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