((TV Makeup)) Access TV Show @ Shaw


I was glad to be the Makeup Artist for the Access TV Show on Sunday.

It is always a pleasure and an exciting experience every single time. Though I am working 7 days straight (plus the makeup job) but makeup application always exhilarate me. Doing what you love- is it passion  not stress.

I was lucky to have met this Professional Model Sherry Duggle. She is education in Science/Bio-Chemistry (pls correct if I am wrong) and also actively pursuing her passion in arts.


She came with makeup already so I did her hair. Her hair was soft and naturally wavy. As you know, soft + wavy = naughty frizziness.

To tame her beautiful hair, I used Alberto Hair Gel, apply onto the hair first, then wait for the gel to dry. For curler, I use Remington Curler and then set the hair with Dove Hair Spray (strong hold) so the curls don’t go crazy.

We had limited tools because usually I do only the makeup part but never do their hair. Today was a first for me- to improvise and produced great result (so, ppl, when there’s a will there’s a way LOL)


This lovely lady is troubled by rosacea like myself. She came in with red cheeks, red chin and redness on her forehead. But look at the photo below- could you tell she has severe rosacea? I think NOT!


I used Avene toner to cleanse the face then used Clean and Clear Moisturizer to calm the redness down. Of course, a couple dabs of moisturizer doesn’t make rosacea go away but it does help the skin become more moisturized. Then I applied the MUF HD Primer, and applied a light layer of Kat Von D tattoo concealer (mixed with the MUF Face & Body foundation) and applied all over the face.

Use bronzer to create more radiance so we can showcase her lovely tanned skin.


Once you have a nicely done complexion, you are ready to apply blush! I used Nars Orgasm – it is a shimmery coral blush mixed with a tint of pink- usually red-face ppl like myself would avoid such coral/orange related colours BUT a CLEAN face can take any colour and still look AMAZING.


She was extremely pleased with the result and that’s all it matters to me 😉

This lovely sweetheart hostess is a lover of yellow. She has sensitive skin so she doesn’t use makeup often. She uses tinted moisturizer only.


She had freckles (kisses from the sun) and uneven skin tone. BUT you can’t tell she had any spots after makeup :))

Look at that radiance!


She was impressed by the result

.. We are ready to roll out!

I also did the makeup for Chief Capilano (the man in the middle). He is a super sweet and kind person. His wife (the lady on the very left) is a very gentle woman as well. I enjoyed doing makeup for everyone and I can’t wait to do more!


Officially shouting out to any photographers who are looking to partnering up with a MUA- contact me at hi.adorabelle@gmail.com for collaboration

Bridal, beauty, fashion– contact me at hi.adorabelle@gmail.com for quotes & scheduling. I would love to meet each and everyone of you!

add me on IG- hiadorablle


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