((Eyemakeup)) YSL Chromatic- that dreamy sheen


I find that after I have made my own website, I have been more diligent and more active in my daily makeup routine (so I have more to share with you!)

YSL Chromatic Eyeshadow Palette- I bought it 2 years ago with a discount coupon from Sephora. It is regardes as a prestigious brand- something I wouldn’t be able to to splurge on a day-to-day basis.

pure chromatics 08

If you just observe from its appearance, it seem very normal- just any brown/earthy tone eye shadows you can find anywhere.

The magic begins when you dab a little of water on it, the pigment became more pronounced and gives you the “wet” eyes effect.


My Step-by-step:
1. Use #1 the lightest colour on the top right corner and apply all over your eyelids- it’s the wash of colour that we must have as our base, to even out the skin tone on our lids.

2. Use #2 (top left) and dab it on the corners of eyes, to create a subtle depth on the corner.

3. #3 (bottom left) is applied on the opposite corner of your eyes so your eyes “pop” more with the bright shimmers.

4. #4 (bottom right) last and the darkest colour is used as an eyeliner, apply the colour close to your lash line. You can use an angle brush and dab harder so the liner is more obvious. Then I will use a liquid eyeliner to finish off the job 🙂


p.s. the last mini-step is to use #1 (top right) again and dab it on the centre of your eyelid so it creates a more “3D” effect- your eyes stand out more and is more defined.



Mascara – don’t forget that! LOL



The finish is amazing! It reflect differently under each lighting. Whether it’s a yellow-y light or white lighting, the colour and the sheen adapt very well in different environment- and that’s what I want- Looking beautiful no matter how the light treats us!


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