((Eyes)) Those false lashes that’s Naturally YOURS


Are your lashes ready for the beach and the hot summer?

Wearing false lashes is probably not the best option when you plan to jump into the ocean or play sweaty volleyball sport. You want to appear naturally flawless yet enjoy yourself this summer. Show off that great bod and your natural beauty.

Having impeccable complexion is one thing, but your eyes need to add that Um! without compromise. Not the sea water, not your sweat or “surprise water balloon attack” should take away the souls of your eyes.

One trick to always have amazing long & full lashes is the way you apply the mascara.

Take moments to carefully brush each hair like stroking a baby’s back.


(Of course, curl your lashes before applying the mascara LOL unless your lashes are naturally curly)

ps Do not curl your lashes again once they are coated with mascara- they are fragile and break easily. Plus, the angle and the line will appear stiff rather than a “natural curve”.

How to avoid the clumps?


I usually use the Zmotion. Take out your mascara wand, push it again the naked lashes and lightly move it back and forth like a “Z” pattern (we are Zorro of Makeup! Yay) while bringing the wand upward and lifting your lashes.


This helps the lashes defy gravity and stay lifted for a longer period of time.


Even when my eyes are closed, you can still see the up-lifting curve of my lashes.

Finally, apply a water-proof coat on top of your regular mascara so your mascara stay-in-place.

Then you are done!


Whichever angle, your lashes look flawless.

Even from afar, your lashes still stand out.


It’s like I’m wearing false lashes :))

You are ready to run off to the beach!

No worry about the glue wearing off or the false lashes falling off your face!




3 thoughts on “((Eyes)) Those false lashes that’s Naturally YOURS

  1. Have you heard of this 3D fiber mascara from Younique? I’m totally in love! The fibers are 100% black green tea fibers and you use it with their gel. It is $29 (35 in CAD), but it gives you the volume and length plus it has totally eliminated my need for a curler (no joke check out my blog and video here: https://gratefulnerd.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/sayonara-eyelash-curler/). Plus it lasts you 3+ months and comes with a fab case! https://www.youniqueproducts.com/LaSarah/products/view/US-1017-00#.VVqgv_lViko
    Better then falsies for sure ;p This stuff is awesome (and if it doesn’t work out you can get a full refund no questions if returned within 14 days, 80% refund after 15-30 days)!


    1. Nice! I Googled it up- it does seem quite magical! So far I’ve tried Latisse and it’s very effective as well. The only downside is the price- too expensive to replenish every 3-4 months. Thanks for sharing the secret lash-growing tips!

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