((Makeup)) Sexy Symphony with Copper Red & Deep Brown


I am sure we all have some wonderful eyeshadows colours hidden in our drawers because the colours are hard to tackle. But practices make perfect- there’s nothing a determined beauty fanatic can’t achieve!

This is the Integrate Eyeshadow Palette I brought back from Taiwan a couple years ago- Br 780. 


The beauty about Japanese Eyeshadows is that they are very transparent and sheer; the colour combination are tactfully placed together and usually simple to use for beginners for their high opacity.

Step 1- Always apply a wash of colour. It evens out the hyper-pigmentation of our eye lids to give it an even color- also to prevent creasing.


I have divided the colours into 4 steps so it’s easier to follow the steps. Use #1 and apply all over your eyelid. IE BR 780 has a creamy texture so I believe it does not only serve as a base colour but also serves as a colour enhancer- like an eyeshadow primer.


#2: the second colour is hard to choose. You can use either the deep brown as the contour or the reddish-orange that I chose here. Makeup is all about yourself and your imagination 🙂 so I decided to go wild and explore with the rarer colour.


I put #2 as the focus colouor and blend it towards the end corner of my eye. But I emphasize the colouring on the mid of my pupil to draw focus- creating some depth of the layering.

#3 is the deeper brown and I use it as a “prelude” for eyeliner. I press the colour into the base of my lashline.

#4 is the shimmering white silver colour; I dab a little on the opening corner of my eyes to brighten them up – and look more lifted.


Finally, I used liquid eyeliner and drew it on top of the colour #3 – so it look more natural than just a stiff dark line but at the same time provide more emphasis than a darker line of eyeshadow.


Ta-da! We are done!


The layering is smooth and natural. This is more of an evening date look that is a little sultry and sexy (depending on your dress 😉 but can also be worn for a day-out activities.

SAM_3369 SAM_3357-B

The colours are not overly pronounced or made-up. That is the look I go for and what I do for my clients ❤

Less is more- simplicity is best- this philosophy is my belief in makeup and beauty 🙂 I hope you had fun reading my post about a light yet sexy eye-look (if you have a nice little black dress on or a lovely gown) definitely great for a night-date or a prom night!

Thanks for reading. Have fun with your colours! Follow me on Instagram at hi.adorabelle – look forward to seeing all of you!


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