((Makeup)) UB Naked 3 ~ the Natural Rose Gold Sheen Finish


The famous Naked Palette from Urban Behaviour. It’s so well-known that it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of it. To be honest, this is my very first UB Baked Palette. I was hesitating between Naked 2 and Naked 3. Naked 1 has a wider range of colours and is very suitable for beginners who wants to have some nude colours mixed with some smokey colours. Naked 2 is mostly metallic mixed with beige and yellow-tone colours- I personally think Naked 2 is very suitable for summer and bright weathers. The reason I chose Naked 3 is the golden rose sheen. I had been crazy with the Jill Stuart Rose Gold watch for a while so I was automatically attracted to the rosey warm hues.


The Naked 3 Palette is a warmer palette and may appear messy or unpure on Asian skin tone; occasionally I do find Naked 3 a challenge to use.

The only resolution is keep on practicing until you have reached perfection = =+

The above makeup was made up of first 3 colours of the palette. I use Strange as the base color – apply it from the lash line up to the brow bone.

This is the wash of colour to even out the skin tone of your eyelids.

Use Dust at the opening of the eye corner as the highlight to brighten up your eyes (a mini-lift and brightening effect)

Next, use Burnout at the corner of the eye as a darker colour for eye contouring to create depth of your eyes.


Finally, use Darkside as your eyeliner. Find any of the slanted eyeliner brushes you may have, press it into the eyeshadow with light pressure for it to absorb enough colour. Gently apply a thin liner on the lash line of your eyes.



Using eyeshadow instead of an actual eyeliner liquid or gel creates a soft line that is easily blendable. The line will not seem very harsh or very divided from the rest of your eyeshawdow colours.


After applying mascara, then you are done! Isn’t eyeshadow application easy?

It’s natural and has a very subtle sheen that is hard to detect for others- that is the beauty makeup I go for- the subtle presence that is undetectable yet you receive compliments like “WOW“. Beauty makeup has to be one with you. It’s the makeup that needs to compliment the person, not the person complimenting the makeup and transform his/herself into someone else. Enhancing your self-identity with beauty makeup is the perfect I long for.

I hope you can all find your everyday-look in UB Naked 3. It’s a very versatile nude palette but does require some practices for Asian skin tones to appear bright and natural 🙂


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