((Life)) Belated Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day!

As usual, I am working in the office like any other regular business day. Weekend is a work day for me (smile) but today went by especially fast. I met mothers coming in together with your lovely daughters to the meetings; mothers with their proud sons attending the appointment together after enjoying a great lunch together- their content and joyous smiles warmed up my heart.

It was generous of the managers to purchase these lovely flowers. we had fresh yellow, pink, white and red carnations ready to give away to the customers coming in today.

At the end of the day, we still had some leftovers so we got to pick up some flowers as well (happy).


The red carnations were beautiful. The colour was vibrant and lively. I have to admit they light up my day.

And.. as my makeup soul calls, I had to doodle a bit even for this special occassion. Though I don’t have a celebration planned but I still took out my makeup bag and did a naughty mini-eyeliner on myself.

Ta-da. A little makeup twist can brighten up the day just like that *wink*



It’s a little different than usual but still professional looking so you can wear the mini-wing anywhere- even for work!


My colleague did ask me if I had done something different *giggle*. It’s the kind of positivity you want to start and end your day with.

I hope everyone had enjoyed a wonderful Sunday and celebrated the special occasion with your beloved one; go out, have a cozy dinner with a relaxing drink.

Friday is coming up! Soldier on!


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