((Makeup Buys)) Sheer & Natural Radiance? Ans: Lancome Miracle Cushion <3

Ta-da! Have I told you I am a foundation junkie??

The minute when I saw Lancome Miracle Cushion on the shelves, I knew instantly I had to have it! I was first introduced to the wonders of Miracle Cushion by a Taiwanese Blog. I read about it but too bad, Vancouver did not carry it at the time. I almost asked my friend in Japan to buy for me and ship it over (then it would have cost $60 or more!) I was ecstatic to find this little thing on the shelves of Shoppers while I was working their makeover event.

Unfortunately, I sold the last one.

The day after, I checked another Shoppers location only to find the refill foundation without the box. Oh, well, I am content to only have the foundation itself, box is not an issue to me.

The package is a silver sleek, chic looking box. The refill comes with its own cushion puff so you do not have to dish out huge money to buy the puff separately.

The cushion puff is soft yet firm. When you press down the puff you can feel the firmness against your cheeks.

The compact foundation is basically a sponge that was soaked and in liquid foundation and fully saturated. When you press down onto the sponge, the foundation attach itself to the puff. The best thing about the Miracle Cushion puff is that it does not eat up much of your makeup so a little compact can last you a long time (3-5 months approximately).

Make sure you always put the plastic flap back after you are done so air will not have dry it out.

Let’s see some (horrible) before and (wonderful) after photos of me.

I have always been a victim of blemishes occasion rosacea; it is sometimes better and sometimes not. I always look for thing to cover up the redness- so far I have not found the miracle cure.

Before (naked face)

(After foundation, Bare Essential)

I want to show you the coverage I had used foundation before applying the Miracle Cushion. As you know that summer is coming so a moisturizing foundation like the Miracle Cushion may not have as strong as lasting power as it would during the colder & drier seasons. That;s why I would use foundation before the Miracle Cushion so my makeup can last longer (and provide a higher coverage on my red areas).

(The liquid that is soaked up by the Miracle Cushion Puff) It’s still wet and you can tell that the puff doesn’t eat up the foundation liquid so we can worry less about wasting previous dollars.


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