Hello Beautifuls!!

Makeup Artist from Vancouver :3

Hi, my beautifuls, nice to meet all of you! This is my first blog at Blogger and I hope to share my beauty experience and my life with all you kindred spirits out there.

I have been sharing my life through blogging at comesharewithme.pixnet.net (Chinese version); you can also find my footprints there :))

I want to give my first blog post to the Shopper’s National Gala Event. I volunteered as a professional makeup artist for Lancome and help customers explore the wonderful products of Lancome.

The event was from 12:00- 6:00 and I was there to set up at 11:30 (yes, I am a perfectionist and I want to be as ready and well-prepared as I can!) where I did makeup on 6 different ladies.

Each beautiful had a different concern. It was also my first time dealing with eczema skin. The lady was a very sweet and kind spirit; we chatted about our life as I was applying makeup on her. It was also my first time penciling in brows where there are none. Her hair has all fallen out due to the skin condition; she had no lashes and no brows, no facial hair. Her complexion was fair but easily irritated; blemishes on parts of her face but otherwise she has the skin like a porcelain doll. Another concern was her eyes- her eyes are extremely sensitive to cosmetic products and fragrances. I was very careful moving around her face and constantly checking if she’s feeling alright.

For base, I use Lancome Air de Teint as her skin type is normal and requires minimal coverage except the blemish areas. Then I used loose power to set her makeup – I always believe less is more- so I would avoid using excess products where possible.

I used Taupe to pencil in her brows. That was the challenging part. There are no brows and no mark for me to trace. I went back to the basics- use the pencil to measure the angles of the brow arch, the brow tail and beginning of the brows. Then I drew the brow on hair by hair, as if there were brows naturally.

After 30 minutes, I was done!

The lady was more than satisfied! She said she’s forgotten how great it had been to use makeup and pamper herself. She alomst teared up; her genuine emotion moved me. Wow, makeup really does change a person’s life.

She grabbed many products and said she will try them at home. The feeling of joy gained through the experience is incredible- she felt beautiful both on the inside and the outside.

The whole experience blew me away. Makeup has always been my passion and I didn’t think I could love it more. After today, I realized that my love for makeup has grown another 10 steps.

Thank you for all the ladies who trusted my recommendations and me. It was amazing!!

Selfie time!
General & adorable goodie bag from Shoppers
New members to my makeup kit!

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2 thoughts on “Hello Beautifuls!!

  1. Welcome to WordPress! The event looks so amazing, I wish I could have been there!
    You should do reviews or makeup looks too with what you received from Shoppers πŸ™‚


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